About Us



With a remarkable 30-year legacy in the field of
skincare, our expertise is truly unique. We have an intimate understanding of
skin, delving deep into its secrets to unveil the key to protection, health,
and timeless youthfulness. Over the years, we have launched and promoted best-sellers,
earning the love and trust of discerning women of all ages and all skin types.  During our long, passionate journey, thousands
of satisfied clients have entrusted their skin to our skincare and cosmetic
products.  .



Decades of know-how have resulted today in BEAUTYKA,
a dynamic, mature and 100% Lebanese brand forged by two visionary women who
share a passion for creating cutting-edge solutions to accompany women in their
youth-seeking journey. Leveraging our extensive experience in cosmetics and
beauty, we are proud today to offer you the finest anti-ageing, anti-wrinkles
products with guaranteed, unparalleled results. With full confidence, we have
worked on specific lines of products that will help you gain and retain

To realize our vision of
eternal youth of the skin, we collaborate with elite professionals boasting
decades of experience in the research and development of specific active agents
and innovative technologies. In an ever-evolving and competitive market, we
refuse to settle for the ordinary: BEAUTYKA is an extraordinary brand,
designed for women who demand more than just the ordinary.


Don’t wait for tomorrow! Join us today on our
exhilarating journey to defy the signs of time and make the most out of life.